Womack, Rodham & Ray is a general practice firm, handling a broad range of legal issues for our diverse client base. Our expert knowledge and decades of experience allow us to provide each of our clients with perfectly tailored representation.

Our major areas of expertise include:

Business & Corporate Law

Issues and requirements facing businesses, corporations and organizations.

Womack, Rodham & Ray provides our business and corporate clients with the guidance necessary to successfully bring to fruition their goals whether acquiring, forming, managing, merging, selling or dissolving a small or large enterprise. An experienced business attorney is especially necessary in the initial stages. We assist with the critical decisions and complex transactions facing today’s business owners from negotiations and incorporation to drafting, reviewing and revising contracts and agreements. Our attorneys ease the process by handling legal processes, helping companies develop and implement policies, and ensuring compliance with laws and regulations.

Civil Litigation Defense

Disputes of civil law brought to litigation in local, state or federal court

Our attorneys are seasoned and dedicated defense litigators with over 85 years of combined court experience and are recognized as some of the best in Georgia for legal ability. As members of the State Bar of Georgia and the Federal District Court for the Northern District of Georgia, we are experts in navigating the complicated court system from preparation and presentation of motions through the trial process to post-trial appeals. Through the appellate courts of the State of Georgia, the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals, and the U.S. Supreme Court, we have successfully handled a myriad of appeals including issues of first impression in Georgia.

Education Law

Matters regarding K-12 educational agencies, school districts, students and staff

With nearly 50 years experience in school law and representing educational agencies, WRR provides the legal guidance necessary to overcome the unique challenges and ever-expanding variety of legal issues facing school districts today with their vital mission to educate Georgia’s children. Our attorneys facilitate all matters that may concern the every day running of a school or school district now and in the future. We function daily as their resource for advice and action on subjects ranging from district and board policies and compliance with state and federal laws to subjects such as special education, student issues, parent concerns and personnel policy.

Estate Planning, Wills & Probate

Scope encompassing conservation and transfer of property and financial resources

Consulting and advising clients on estate planning involves more than drafting the documents to fulfill their final wishes. Our attorneys counsel individuals and families on strategies to design specific goals and objectives for the management and disposition of assets. WRR provides a full range of services to suit each of our individual client’s needs in drafting and executing wills and powers of attorney, transferring property through gifts and wills, establishing financial resources for minors and dependents, addressing the special needs of beneficiaries, and representing clients through probate proceedings

Government & Municipal Law

Law regulating municipalities, cities and counties and their governmental bodies

Municipal governmental bodies legislate, regulate and provide services through their agencies for their residents and business and corporate partners. As long-term city attorneys for three local municipalities, WRR has four decades of extensive experience meeting the unique legal needs of local governments as both general counsel and litigators. Our attorneys are adept in facilitating governments to better serve their communities and assuring local compliance with state and federal laws. Our firm also provides representation for the Department of Corrections in post-conviction actions and the Department of Transportation in real property acquisitions.