Get to Know Us

Why us?

Womack, Rodham & Ray, P.C. operates a comprehensive advisory, consultative and litigation practice through a proactive, collaborative approach to analyzing needs, anticipating difficulties and resolving disputes with stellar success. We provide the highest level expert and personal service to assist our clients achieve their goals and resolve their issues with extensively experienced and copiously qualified professionals.

About us

Womack, Rodham & Ray, P.C., is privileged and proud to serve the legal needs of individuals, families, businesses, organizations and governmental entities in LaFayette, Walker County and Northwest Georgia. The firm’s long-standing and wide-ranging reputation for exemplary legal services, as acknowledged by clients and peers alike, has been earned through precision-focused legal representation with personal attention to individual client needs. With over 90 years of combined experience, our attorneys have an encyclopedic knowledge and in-depth understanding of Georgia and Federal law. Since its inception, our firm has written its success story through a culture of teamwork, communication, integrity and critical thinking, establishing a reputation that is still true today.


Attorneys have been practicing law at 109 East Patton Avenue in LaFayette, Georgia, since Shaw, Stoltz & Fletcher opened its doors in 1963. Since that time, the firm has operated under different corporate names as distinguished attorneys joined the practice and became partners in our commitment to excellence and spirit of service.

Our heritage for honorable service, now through six decades, includes those whose personal goals and aspirations have led them to other posts far and wide. Noted examples include a missionary in foreign service, an FBI agent, a State Court Solicitor, an Assistant District Attorney, a Risk Manager for a major medical center, an in-house County Attorney, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Georgia and Chief Judge of the Georgia Court of Appeals.

Ronald R. Womack, now entering his 50th year of the practice of law, began his career in Rossville, Georgia, in 1974. Mr. Womack has been a City Attorney since 1976, a local Board of Education Attorney since 1975, and a Special Assistance Attorney General for the State of Georgia since 1979. In 1979, he joined Norman S. Fletcher in LaFayette as Fletcher and Womack where they practiced together until 1989 when Mr. Womack took the reins as senior partner and formed the Womack Law Firm.

Steven M. Rodham came to LaFayette in 2002, when he relocated his family to the Chickamauga area, bringing his experience from two separate, large defense firms and his extensive knowledge of Constitutional Law to add another layer of expertise to the practice.

Ryan L. Ray, a graduate of the University of Georgia School of Law, joined the firm in 2015 with experience in a large defense firm in Atlanta and a sojourn as a hearing officer for the State of Georgia’s Department of Labor. Ryan brings his unique perspective to continue to grow the practice.

Mission and Vision

Our reputation stands for who we are, what we do and what we represent. But what does the future hold? Our mission and vision is not only to stay current in our constantly evolving field but to move forward as partners with our clients surmounting their ever changing challenges. As we remain firmly grounded in the values we’ve established through 50 years of practice, we strive to lead our profession in service through critical and creative thinking, teamwork and initiative. We look forward to growing our legal talent as a valuable resource to facilitate opportunities for positive progress in our community.